The new year

What is it about New Year’s that always leaves me underwhelmed?

Every New Year’s I get really excited to greet the next year and then when the night is over it just wasn’t all that exciting. It’s like Valentine’s Day – people get all up in arms about it when really it’s just another day.

Maybe it’s that I temporary impose my hopes and dreams for the coming year into one night when really it’s best to spread it out over, well, a year. You just can’t squeeze a years worth of stuff into one night.

But, despite a typically lackluster start, I have high hopes for 2010. I’ve gotten into the habit of setting a goal or two per year instead of a long list of resolutions as I find the former is much more achievable. 2008 was to move out of my parents house and get a “proper” job. I managed the latter. 2009 was to travel – check. And 2010 I want to pursue my hobbies more seriously – cycling, photography and learning to sail. Let’s hope I can find a job soon so I can get the rest of my life rolling.


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