Compassion in the insurance industry

So I am one of the lucky millions that has had to repeatedly go into battle with my health insurance provider.  And most of my problems stem from the fact that I have no idea what’s going on until I have to pay ridiculous amounts of money.  Like who knew I could only switch my plan once in a 12 month period?  Or that I have no control over who reads my xray, even if they are out of my network?  Or that a representative quoted me the wrong rate and now I’m stuck with a higher one?  These are all things I found out after the fact and now am forced to deal with financially.  And the worst part is that there is absolutely nothing I can do.

My question is, why does the person on the other end of the phone seem to care so little about you?  It’s not as if I am ordering coffee or buying a sandwich, I’m trying to organize my health care.  The very least you could do is actually care that the work you are doing is timely and accurate.  But unfortunately that’s not the case.  The industry is weighed down by bureaucracy, red tape, and people that, honestly, seem like they can’t be bothered.  Now, to me, this seems extremely counter intuitive.  An industry designed to look after your health has peons in it employ that just don’t care about you and are clearly following a script.  Anyone else find this odd?

Granted this is just one of the many problems facing the industry, but one that I’ve been coming up against a lot recently.  And I bet that if the people I spoke with, when having to wade through the piles of bullshit they throw at me, were nice and compassionate, I wouldn’t be nearly as angry as I am right now.


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