Life’s soundtrack

What is it about music and its ability to move us at the most basic level? There have been so many times when I was despondent or livid or some other SAT word for a very strong emotion and a song comes along and completely changes my mood. Likewise it can be a beautiful, sunny day and a song will come on and the next thing I know I’m holding back tears.

Recently, I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch and as I was heading home last night I was just stewing over the myriad of things going wrong right now. When I walked down to my MUNI stop there were a couple of guys putting up ads and one of them had his iPod hooked up to some speakers. I was planning on writing in my journal about all the things I had just been thinking but I soon found I couldn’t do anything except for listen to the music. It was this happy, catchy, jazzy, sort of Caribbean African music. The wonderful thing was that in one moment I was thinking about how bad thing were and in the next I couldn’t focus on anything except the music. It just sort of fills you up.

While scents still have the most powerful memory associations for me, music is something that has a very powerful impact on me, but in a different way. It just seems to take you with it, on a ride you weren’t aware you were about to go on but are glad that you did.


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