Once is enough

A friend posted this on Facebook the other day and it really struck me.  I suppose I already know all this but to see it in writing, for me, is always helpful.  However, the “step” that spoke to me the most was to stop telling the story.  The way that I work through difficult situations is by writing in my journal and talking to my friends.  But the thing here is that I hadn’t seen any of my friends in months because of my trip.  So every time I went out with someone to reconnect and catch up I would have to explain the circumstances of my break up all over again.  Certainly talking about it helps, but there is a difference in retelling the story and talking to work through it.  The latter of which being the healthier option.  But I also think after a certain point enough is enough.  You’ve grieved, you’ve subjected your girlfriends to hours of over-analyzing and in the end you are still in the same position.  So it’s best to just accept it and move on.  So this is me accepting it and moving on.


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