One day at a time

I’ve been finding lately that trying to plan ahead is absolutely futile.  My life right now is so unpredictable that trying to say in a month I’ll be here and in 6 I’ll be there.  And for me, type a list maker, it’s very difficult to just take a step back and take it one day at a time.

But there is a certain beauty in it as well.  When I was traveling I could hardly tell you were I would be sleeping tomorrow night let along what country I would be in in a week.  But that’s the vacation world.  In the real world I feels like life needs to have a definitive plan.  Many interviews that I go on often bring up the 1 year, 5 year and 10 year plan question.  It’s a little daunting, needless to say.

So I suppose this is a valuable lesson: giving up control and trusting that life won’t do me wrong.  I do believe I’ve had enough bad stuff happen in the last few months that I’m overdue for some good stuff.

Fingers crossed!


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