Career or hobby?

My mom sent me this link a while ago and it’s something that has been coming a lot lately.

Unfortunately I fall into the generation that requires vast amounts of satisfaction from my job.  Not only do I want to like what I do, I want to like what the company does and stands for and also the people I work with.  Gone are the days of people getting a job after graduation and staying there until retirement.  An entirely new perspective, it seems, has taken hold of my peers.  And I’m completely wrapped up in it.

I do think that the naivete needs to be broken at some point and I do need to settle, since we are talking about real life and not make believe anymore.  But  I’m finding more and more that people in my generation, including me, are trying to make the huge gray area on the career/hobby spectrum smaller.  The idea of sitting all day pushing paper in a job that is slowly sucking your soul is just so mind numbing that I don’t think anyone wants to subject themselves to that anymore.  The problem, though, is that the competition is stiff, it was before, and now it’s even worse with the economy to get into one of these line blurring companies.  So how does a person that still has an idealistic view of work/life reconcile?  I’ll let you know once I finally figure it out…


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