Daily Archives: April 28, 2010

You tell ’em Bill!

According to Bill Clinton immigration is good for old white-y.  And his argument totally makes sense.  Uneducated, white men got shafted in the last decade.  So in order to help them (and everyone else) out we need for the economy to grow again.  And if that means immigrants then why the hell are you complaining?  Not only will it help you, in the end, but also countless others.  Oh yeah, and the economy.


Totally new perspective

As I was driving to work this morning, I heard a really fascinating story on NPR, and it showed me just how shamefully unaware I was about the lives disabled people lead.  I think everyone I know is of the persuasion that if you have a disability why wouldn’t you search for a cure?  But Ben Mattlin argues that having a disability is just another form of diversity, something to be embraced as part of who you are. And that instead, our energies would be better spent on eliminating discrimination against disabilities (social, architectural, etc) than fighting for a cure.

I wish I could say that this was something that had occurred to me, but I always fell into the category of those striving for a cure. But now I see that Ben certainly has something to his argument and I can safely say that I experienced a paradigm shift this morning. Thanks NPR.