What will the future look like?

“Humanity has fabricated the illusion that somehow we can get by without biodiversity, or that it is somehow peripheral to our contemporary world.”

The part about this article that I find most distressing, aside from the fact that we’re loosing our world, is that, on the whole, no one seems to really think it’s their responsibility to do anything.  There are all sorts of reports that come out, advisory groups that warn , and conferences that bring people together.  But all the goals and targets that are being set  clearly aren’t being met.  And I feel that there is a half-hearted effort all around to improve the situation we find ourselves in.

What would it take to create a sense of accountability for our future?  Certainly people worry about their immediate future, but things aren’t going to be as bad in 50 years as they will 100 years from now for our kids.  It just seems like we’re still encountering the “passing the buck” problem.  Oh well it doesn’t really affect me that much, and besides they’ll have better technologies in the future so they’ll be better equipped to handle it.  False.  It’s the fact that no one cared in the 50s and 60s that forced the EPA to open its doors and we’re really not that much better off now as we were then.

So what’s it going to take?


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