Turning over a new leaf

The other day I mentioned a BBC article that showed time outside to be beneficial to your health.  I just ran across another article that highlights a program in Washington where inmates participate in projects such as gardening and recycling.  It goes on to explain that these prisoners are starting to feel a sense of accomplishment and ownership; that they are becoming educated about things that are important right now and can use that knowledge once they leave prison to lead a better life.

Science in practice!  I applaud programs like this and the people who think them up.  There is absolutely no downside to this, and in the end everyone benefits.  The prisoners feel pride in giving back to the community which in turn boosts their morale and decreases crime and violence in the prison.  Which would then translate to a much more educated and capable member of society when they get out.

In a way, it’s amazing how the simplest things, like spending time outside, can truly impact your life.


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