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Burst of creativity

In an unexpected turn of events I find myself with several ideas for great projects.  The only problem being that I’m not entirely sure how to get them going or if I can actually turn them into something that could eventually support me financially.

Project 1 is to try and bring the Sunday Streets model to the peninsula and have each town host a street closure through out the warm months.

Project 2 is a restaurant association for San Mateo county, as there doesn’t seem to be one currently.

It’s  been interesting to see what happens when you accept how things are and try to make them better organically instead of wishing they were another way and being sad about it.

I’ve never been a creative person, but I’m totally going with this and seeing where it leads!



So I haven’t updated in about a month.  And mostly this is due to the fact that I haven’t efficiently found a way to incorporate blogging into me day to day routine.

Upon reading an article about how to blog for people who have no time I finally decided to do something about it.  Instead of thinking to myself “I’ll do it when I get home” or “I just need to get a smart phone and then an app for WordPress, then I can blog on the go” I just need to spend a few hours each week working on this.

Obviously this blog is for no one other than myself.  It would be awesome to think that people actually read because they thought I had something to say.  But at this point I know that I don’t really have a clear point of view to express on here.  And honestly, I started this off because I work in marketing and I wanted to get a better idea of this element of marketing.  But slowly I think this is turning into something a bit more.  Especially as I start to learn what it is I want to do with my “grown up” life.

It actually works!

So it seems that my loyal 2.5 readers may have temporarily grown just a smidge after I posted my blog on Facebook and Twitter.  If nothing else, it certainly produced huge spikes according to my Stats graph.  I would say that we can consider this social media experiment successful.  But it’s clearly up to me to actually maintain that success, no surprise there.

Holy news storm, batman!

Now that I’m more actively trying to maintain a blog I’m finding myself completely overwhelmed with the material out there that’s blogable. When I first set out I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough to say so I made a list of things I could write about when the goin’ got tough. But man, there aren’t enough hours in the day for all the things I want to write about now.

This “problem” is mainly due to the fact that I’ve now found myself totally inundated with news left and right. I finally signed up to Twitter and became a fan of (or now “like”) way more stuff on Facebook. So all the cool articles and bits of news I want to write/muse about are just flying at me from all directions.  I have no idea how to to sift through it all. So what ends up happening is a load of half written blogs just pile up in my draft folder. The only way I can find out of this is either become way better at reading and writing faster and/or get a smart phone so I can blog on the go.  So while the first part is somewhat manageable (I’ve been an excruciatingly slow reader all my life) the second part may cost more than I want to pay right now.  However, that new iPhone is coming out soon…

And here we go again

Dearest Internets

I have been quite negligent in contributing any sort of pointful* content while consuming from your vast cornucopia of goods. I promise, henceforth, to change my ways.

Love always,

I’ve now been back for a month. I’m finding ways to occupy my time: applying to jobs, catching up with friends, sleeping, procrastinating on uploading my photos and catching up on all the TV I missed in the last 4 months. But I still find that I have a lot of alone time. And alone times usually equals “in my head time.” Which results in having all sorts of ideas bouncing around. And as much as I love my friends, I don’t think I need to subject them to everything that goes on up there.

Enter my blog that I haven’t touched in almost two years. I always go through the same cycle. I get really excited about it, post a few things, totally forget about it, then remember and post a few more things. Rinse and repeat. But this time I’m actually going to make an effort to keep this thing going. I have a feeling that job hunting may take some time and I will need to fill the empty spaces with something other than soul sucking TV shows.

Before making any sort of to do about it, I’ll see how I do for the next month. If I successful don’t forget about it I may even link it to my Facebook, to share with my 500 closest friends. I love you Web 2.0.

So now the real test begins. Post one down, post two…?

*Pointful, adj – full of sense, meaning or purpose. Yet to be added to the dictionary but I am slowly trying to add it to the English lexicon. If d’oh is in the dictionary why not this?