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So I’ve started fund-raising for my ride next June and it was certainly an interesting experience setting everything up.  The logistics were easy, because I do it everyday for work, it was the intangible stuff like what will my friends think, will they care, will they even ready the email, that made me pause before hitting send.  And now that I have the ability to track my emails I can see who opened what and clicked where – providing interesting insight.

More than anything it’s nerve wreaking – waiting to see who opens.  It’s kind of like calling the boy you like and hanging up repeatedly.  And then seeing who opened feels kind of like I’m spying and makes me giddy like a friend just told me that boy said he liked me back.  I’m hoping that’ll go away eventually.  But something tells me it’ll be like that each time, since it’s not like I’m emailing folks I’ve never met for work, it’s personal friends and family.


Please sir…

Just saw an article pop up on Twitter about waiting in endless lines for food and totally agree.  I think it is all about the anticipation, the feeling that you’re all in it together and that if everyone else is waiting it’s obviously going to be amazing.

And certainly I think this only applies to food and to crazy retail buzz like Harry Potter or the iPhone 4.  I mean, who in their right mind likes waiting in line at the airport?  Or in traffic?

It’s most certainly about the fact that you’re going to be rewarded with something super awesome when you get to the end of this line.  Tasty food, crazy electronics, whatever.

It’s certainly interesting to think about: the reason people wait.

Need a penny?

Not too long ago I saw an article about Panera pop up on Facebook and was really intrigued.  Instead of paying for your food, you’re given the option to donate money for your meal.  The donated money is sent off to a good cause.

Now, part of me wants to believe that this will work.  It’s not really that innovative of an idea, it’s basically “need a penny, take a penny; have a penny, leave a penny” but on a larger scale.  People that can leave money for their food can and those that can’t can donate their time.  I love this concept in theory, but I’m anxious to see how it actually works out in real life.

I tend to lean towards the cynical end of the spectrum and that part of me thinks that people will just take advantage.  Not everyone has a guilty conciseness and won’t feel bad about just free loading.

I guess we’ll have to stay tuned and find out…