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The internet and community

Lately I’ve been noticing more and more organizations that are bringing it back to basics and I love it. Seeing a shift in business more towards community is really an interesting phenomenon and indicative, I think, of how people are really feeling. I would like to think that more and more people are realizing that we aren’t all islands floating in the world alone and that we need each other and our communities to enrich our lives.

I’d like to think that this how my parents grew up and I got to experience this a little before the internet come along and added a new wall to break through. But now that we’ve finally figured out the internet, more or less, we’re seeing ways to use it to supplement this need for community, to connect with the people around us that we may not have before.

I read an article recently about dinner co-ops; where people who live near each other take turns cooking for one another. And shortly after I heard about a company out of LA, NeighborGoods, that helps people put the stuff that sits and gathers dust in their garage to use locally. A similar idea is Freecycle where people post they have stuff they don’t want and someone nearby goes and picks it up. Even Meetup.com is using the internet to bring people together in real life.

So in a way, once we figured out how to use it, the internet is helping us more than ever create that community we’re clearly still looking for. But it’s a fine line, getting people out from behind the screen and in front of each other.


Is boring sex the internets fault?

So I was reading this article the other day from Marie Claire.  It talks about how porn has affected real life sex, and I think there’s a good amount of truth in it.  In an age where people go to the internet to find love, it’s no surprise that even sex has been affected by the digital age.

The author mentions that porn was once a series of still images that left the actual acts up to the imagination of the viewer.  Now people are just bombarded by sex everywhere they look, effectively robbing people of creativity in the bedroom.

What I find more disturbing is that kids can now access porn on the internet.  And without anyone to tell them otherwise, they imagine that this is how things should be, putting unnecessary pressure on them when they become sexually active.  I challenge anyone to give me an example of a magical “I had sex for the first time” moment.  From what I remember, my first time was just strange, awkward and probably better that it remains hazy.  In a time when you’re already trying to figure out what’s going on with your body, crazy porn sex is not something you should be worrying about.  And once these kids grow up, society doesn’t exactly do anything to persuade them away from what they see online.

So what’s the solution?  Porn obviously isn’t going anywhere, if anything getting bigger.  I guess as with anything, education and full disclosure is really the only answer.  Being aware that what you see on the screen is something only a tiny percent of the population (porn stars) experience is really the first step.  Then a bit of communication and creativity and we’ll be on our way.

And here we go again

Dearest Internets

I have been quite negligent in contributing any sort of pointful* content while consuming from your vast cornucopia of goods. I promise, henceforth, to change my ways.

Love always,

I’ve now been back for a month. I’m finding ways to occupy my time: applying to jobs, catching up with friends, sleeping, procrastinating on uploading my photos and catching up on all the TV I missed in the last 4 months. But I still find that I have a lot of alone time. And alone times usually equals “in my head time.” Which results in having all sorts of ideas bouncing around. And as much as I love my friends, I don’t think I need to subject them to everything that goes on up there.

Enter my blog that I haven’t touched in almost two years. I always go through the same cycle. I get really excited about it, post a few things, totally forget about it, then remember and post a few more things. Rinse and repeat. But this time I’m actually going to make an effort to keep this thing going. I have a feeling that job hunting may take some time and I will need to fill the empty spaces with something other than soul sucking TV shows.

Before making any sort of to do about it, I’ll see how I do for the next month. If I successful don’t forget about it I may even link it to my Facebook, to share with my 500 closest friends. I love you Web 2.0.

So now the real test begins. Post one down, post two…?

*Pointful, adj – full of sense, meaning or purpose. Yet to be added to the dictionary but I am slowly trying to add it to the English lexicon. If d’oh is in the dictionary why not this?