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So I haven’t updated in about a month.  And mostly this is due to the fact that I haven’t efficiently found a way to incorporate blogging into me day to day routine.

Upon reading an article about how to blog for people who have no time I finally decided to do something about it.  Instead of thinking to myself “I’ll do it when I get home” or “I just need to get a smart phone and then an app for WordPress, then I can blog on the go” I just need to spend a few hours each week working on this.

Obviously this blog is for no one other than myself.  It would be awesome to think that people actually read because they thought I had something to say.  But at this point I know that I don’t really have a clear point of view to express on here.  And honestly, I started this off because I work in marketing and I wanted to get a better idea of this element of marketing.  But slowly I think this is turning into something a bit more.  Especially as I start to learn what it is I want to do with my “grown up” life.


Lazy greensters

Living in the Bay Area, one is acutely aware of the green scene.  Everyone here seems to have an opinion and certainly consider themselves to be saving the world.

Y0u can get a bank account with a sustainable bank, a cell phone plan with a green provider, wear vegan clothes, and eat all the proper food.  You compost, you know how to recycle, you vote liberal.  All the right things to ensure that global warming doesn’t win.

But I feel like just with green washing in marketing, there are people that leech off of this and take the easy way out.  As if this is just the latest fad.  At the end of the day you’re really only using your spending power to do what you think will affect change.  And while that,  in and of itself, is a very powerful thing, to me it just doesn’t feel like enough.  Maybe it’s because I know enough people that are actively working to change our predicted future devastation.  Or that I still have a very idealistic view of the world and feel people should really work for what they believe.  Or the fact that I just generally dislike hipsters.  Probably all of the above.  To me I guess it’s just a matter of shutting up and doing it not just wearing a t-shirt that says it.