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Holy news storm, batman!

Now that I’m more actively trying to maintain a blog I’m finding myself completely overwhelmed with the material out there that’s blogable. When I first set out I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough to say so I made a list of things I could write about when the goin’ got tough. But man, there aren’t enough hours in the day for all the things I want to write about now.

This “problem” is mainly due to the fact that I’ve now found myself totally inundated with news left and right. I finally signed up to Twitter and became a fan of (or now “like”) way more stuff on Facebook. So all the cool articles and bits of news I want to write/muse about are just flying at me from all directions.  I have no idea how to to sift through it all. So what ends up happening is a load of half written blogs just pile up in my draft folder. The only way I can find out of this is either become way better at reading and writing faster and/or get a smart phone so I can blog on the go.  So while the first part is somewhat manageable (I’ve been an excruciatingly slow reader all my life) the second part may cost more than I want to pay right now.  However, that new iPhone is coming out soon…